राम कृष्ण हरी | पाण्डुरंग हरी |
राम कृष्ण हरी | पाण्डुरंग हरी |
राम कृष्ण हरी |पाण्डुरंग हरी |

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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Shri Vittal Rukmini Nityopachar and Rajopachar Darshan - Shri Vittal Rukmini Mandi Samithi at Pandharpur

In this hour long video the Nithyopacharams and the Rajopacharams for Lord Vittal are shown in great detail. In the end the Shayanapooja is also shown in great detail until the priest locks the grahams. At the end of the video you feel as if you have had the darshan of a lifetime.

The Link shown below is the Streaming Google Video (for high bandwidth users)


For Low bandwidth users, I have uploaded the file as a .flv file onto MegaUpload site. Download from this link onto your PC, its saved as an .flv file.


You can now play the .flv file using VLC Media Player or Flash Player (available free).

Radhe Krishna!!!


  1. Pandharpur is the one of the biggest pilgrimage in maharashtra.where lakhs of devotees visit for a darshan of Lord Vithoba. Vithoba is also known by other names like Vitthalnath, Pandharinath, Pandurang etc.visit yatra2yatra.com & find more information related to pandharpur & other hinduism pilgrimage places in india.

  2. Good post. Pandharpur is one of the popular pilgrimage destinations in Maharashtra. Vitthal Mandir is famous in Pandharpur.